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Erodyssey is very different from traditional porn. While it is adult in nature, the experience is more personal. My opinion is that every woman should create an adult video in her lifetime to celebrate her beauty. The experience doesn’t need to be all lights, camera, action. A softer experience, sharing personal thoughts and sexual desires while capturing a sensual moment. That’s where there is magic. I have worked with hundreds of models of varying experience. I prefer a woman who has never even posed nude, minus the gratuitous selfie, and is exploring something adventurous. I have worked with my neighbors, housewives, friends and porn stars. If you are shy, I will make the experience very fulfilling with patience and compassion. The goal is creating art, albeit naughty art. If you would like to make your first adult video or get into the adult industry Erodyssey is a great place to start so please contact us using the form to the right.


The biggest misconception about porn is worrying about “getting caught” by someone you know. Well, with a million+ adult sites on the net, chances of this happening are slim to none. We certainly can’t guarantee someone won’t recognize you, but realize this, I have been doing this now for 10+ years and I’ve scoured tens of thousands of adult sites and not once have I ID’d anyone that I have known from my community, school, friends or the workplace. The few times we’ve heard of this sort of thing happening is for one reason, it’s been them…bragging to someone about a shoot they’ve done. If you have fears about a big production crew, bright lights and directors yelling action you don’t have to worry there. It’s just you and I, a very private and pleasurable experience, so there won’t be five guys waiting around on a set to see a free show. Privacy is on the utmost importance to me. Below is a quote from Joanna, a single mom who had never done anything remotely porn-like before.


Gee is great! Normal, sane and very personable. I’d hang out with him in a cool friends setting, as well as shoot with him again. And omg he has the best dog! πŸ™‚ He was great, not pushy, always respected my boundaries, always asked about touching this or that beforehand. Shooting with him was great! I felt very safe the entire time I was with him and had an unbelievably fun experience.


Make Quick Cash

All of my shoots are paid (Unless you are a model that does content trade and that can be discussed). Are you behind on some bills? Are you a student with very little cash flow? Want to get out of town on vacation and need some extra money? Shoot with me and solve these problems with a one-time shoot. My shoots are safe, fun and private. They are also quick. Most porn studios do eight+ hour shoots for their fees. My shoots take two hours max, usually only an hour. While the content does go on my website you will use a completely different name (A stage name) and avoid any correlation with your real identity. I encourage models to follow up for other shoots if they like the experience. Every model I have worked with has said wonderful things and I have shot with most of my models multiple times. I like building long term business relationships with my models, which results in great friendships.


It was an awesome shoot! We did great 😜and ur easy to work with 🀘



So this is always an important question and something I take very seriously. Safety comes in two flavors in the adult industry, physical safety and STD safety. As for physical safety I do not shoot BDSM but I do some light fetish shoots. Everything is agreed upon in advance and there are NEVER surprises. There will always be an ask before doing anything. I am a gentleman first. As for escorts, you are welcome to have a supporter and I am happy to meet and greet but no escort is allowed on set. I don’t do drama and will not tolerate the jealous boyfriend. If that is an issue and you want to do this sort of thing, break up or find another outlet. This is supposed to be fun and exploring sensuality. As stated before, I am a gentleman and that will be apparent during our shoot. As for the STD concern I am impeccably clean. I test every month through TTS (Talent Testing Service) and working with adult talent is way safer than the random bar hookup. When I shoot sex scenes, and if you are open to that, testing will need to be current. No exceptions. It’s an easy process and I can help you find the nearest location to you before our shoot.


This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. For new girls you may have some anxiety, which is normal, but I guarantee your experience will be wonderful. In the end sexuality is healthy and energizing. Not only will you feel great after the shoot, you will be able to see and have beautiful images and video of yourself that you can feel proud of. So, if you are a regular gal, college student, nurse, bartender or housewife then don’t be shy and give it a try. Adult models and porn stars are always welcome and the experience is the same for everyone. Fill out the form to the right and I can’t wait to work with you!


Model Inquiry

Come work with Erodyssey, get paid, and create beautiful, sexy content. No experience required. You just need to be 18-65 years old and height/weight proportionate.

Please send three photographs, one headshot and two full-figure in a bikini or lingerie (Preferably Nude). Your information and pictures are 100% private. We never publish images or information without your written and signed consent. Please fill out your application form below. You're going to have a great experience.

Add 3 Images of yourself (Preferably nude) with at least 2 full body photos.